Project Consultants

Rusnak, Martin


Associated Professor of Public Health at School of Public Health, Trnava University, Slovak Republic
T: +421 903 708 334

Executive Director, International Neurotrauma Research Organization
Mlkergasse 4/3, A-1080 Vienna, Austria
T:+43 699 107 20609
Martin Rusnak, M.D. CSc., Trnava University, is a medical doctor experienced in public health, health systems research, health and medical informatics, statistics, modelling, project management, computer applications, hospital and national information systems. He has been involved in projects on severe brain trauma management in 8 countries of the EU, 2 US AID projects in Slovakia, Open Society Institute in U.S., Regional Projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States, Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities. He has also done consultancies for the WHO in Geneva and HEDEC, Finland. He is principal researcher in multinational and multicentric EU 5th Framework Program as well as in several smaller scale studies and projects in Austria. He is Executive Director of International Neurotrauma Research Organization (Int. Gesellschaft fur Erforschung von Hirntraumata), non-governmental research organization in Austria, with activities all over Europe.

Curriculum Vitae

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