Quality of Care

Reformné zákony [SK]
Health Reform Legislation in Slovak Republic [SK]
Charta práv pacientov [SK]
European Charter of Patient's Rights [EN]
Policies to assure and improve the quality of care (Europe) [EN]
Reform of the Slovak Health Care [EN]
The Health Care Reform 2002 - 2004 Slovak Republic [EN]
Quality Assurance in Dutch Hospitals [EN]
Uloha, pozícia a zodpovednosUloha, pozícia a zodpovednost zdravotnych poistovní
v rámci zákona c. 580/2004 o zdravotnom poistení
Survey of Slovak Hospitals [EN]
Quality of Care in Hospitals - committees, guidelines, indicators, Q-systems [EN]
The Dutch Healthcare Reform: Towards Private Healthcare for All [EN]
Public health supervisory service Health Care Inspectorate [EN]
How to facilitate supervision? How to improve quality? How to improve transparency? [EN]
Quality Management Quality Management in Primary Care: Guidelines, Indicators and Quality Systems [EN]

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