Project Consultants

Lenartova, Lucia


Doctorate in Public Health from School of Public Health, Trnava University, Slovak Republic
T: +421 (903) 349981

Researcher, International Neurotrauma Research Organization
Mlkergasse 4/3, A-1080 Vienna, Austria
T:+43 1 409 0363

Lucia Lenartova, Mag., is a public health specialist by profession and she is currently involved in PhD postgraduate study in Trnava University, researching quality indicators and evidence of good medical practice in trauma care. She performs research in specialised hospitals in Bratislava. She teaches at Trnava University. She has experience in performing monitoring and evaluation activities. During her short professional career and during her studies she demonstrated excellent administrative and communication skills both in Slovak as well as English languages
Curriculum Vitae

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