Project Consultants

Koot, Jaap

Director, Interaction in Health
Huddestraat 3-5 1018 HB Amsterdam
Phone +31 (0)20 - 626 42 98

Dr. Jaap Koot, MD MBA Interaction in Health, is a medical doctor specialized in public health and management. He has many years of experience in project management, in several projects of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As consultant he is involved in health sector reforms projects in several countries. He is specialist in quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes. In the Netherlands he was involved in quality assurance for municipal health services. In Eastern Europe, he has co-ordinated the Matra projects improvement of patientsí rights in Slovakia and revision of regulations OS&H in Bulgaria. He has done three formulations for Senter: a project on health protection in Estonia, a project on disease control in Estonia and a project on health promotion in Hungary.

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