Project Consultants

Heydelberg, Erik


General director of the Landelijke Forensisch Psychiatrische Dienst and of the Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht

As per the 1st of July, Erik Heijdelberg has been appointed president of the board of supervisors / general director of the Landelijke Forensisch Psychiatrische Dienst and of the Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht. A new knowledge based organisation for indication and care in forensic psychiatry in The Netherlands will be formed. Therefore Erik Heijdelberg is not available anymore for any consultancy's.

Erik Heijdelberg is a consultant and policy advisor with over 15 years experience in social policy and health systems in both transition and developing countries and in the Netherlands. His focus is 'strategies for innovation from the perspective of the consumer/patient'.

His foremost strength and interest is in being a change agent in building health services from the needs of the population. He is a committed process facilitator focussed on results that 'one can grasp' at the level of the community and the health worker. Especially in such complicated processes as health reforms and health reconstruction after war. In participatory evaluation Erik Heijdelberg sees opportunities to mend the rifts that often exist between providers, beneficiaries and policy makers. Problem driven mutual learning and monitoring of follow up between different stakeholders can be powerful instruments of change. Erik Heijdelberg has a special interest in development and comparison of national social policy, health and social reforms, relations between NGO's and (local) government and development of civil society. A key interest developed in new opportunities for participation and ownership such as co-operatives, public/private associations and consumer-run services.

Erik Heijdelberg studied social sciences (MA 1980) and philosophy in Amsterdam and has a MSc from University of Bristol in International Policy and Comparative Development (1998). Focus in these studies was on organisation and management of social services and the role of civil society groups.

He was responsible for long-term technical support in primary health care programmes in Zambia, Jamaica, Yemen, Peru and Malawi. In addition he took part in more than fifty formulation, evaluation and support missions in public health and community development in over twenty countries. He is currently involved in projects on quality assurance in Slovakia, home care in Serbia and other Eastern European countries, reconstruction of health services in Afghanistan, psycho social care in Uganda and Sudan, and evaluation of community care in Africa.

In the Netherlands Erik Heijdelberg used to be a senior advisor to (local) authorities, service providers and consumer organisations. He was involved in programmes on community care, mental health and residential care for the elderly. He has taught professional courses at the University of Amsterdam, the polytechnics of Leiden and Amsterdam and in a number of courses for Afghan, East European and African health workers. He was member of the board of supervisors of a psychiatric hospital and member of the board of Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development. Erik Heijdelberg loves traditional stone mountain houses as well as mountain trekking.

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